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Team That Changed Rugby Forever

Author: Alex McKay

In 1967 the All Blacks left New Zealand on a tour that included the 5 nations. With coach Fred Allen their mission was not only to go undefeated but to change the style of rugby that had previous been played. Author Alex McKay has interviewed players from the tour and they have openly talked about this amazing tour.

ISBN: 9781869664725

Format: Paperback
Specs: 234 x 153 290 Pages
Publisher: New Holland



The Team That Changed Rugby Forever is a social history of the great 1967 All Blacks tour and what became of the players. In 1967 the All Black rugby team enjoyed an extraordinarily eventful northern hemisphere tour. It involved encounters with ‘Flower Children’ and seeing a fatal gun-fight in San Francisco, the cancelation of the Irish games after a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, an opposition player paralyzed for life, and Colin, now Sir Colin, Meads sent off for violent play and for an amateur team Muldoon devaluing the dollar meaning their meager allowance hardly covered the price of a pint.

This amazing team with a mixture of men from a number of different backgrounds from farmers to a Rhodes scholar molded together and contribution enormously to changing the style of rugby we enjoy today. But where are they now? Author Alex McKay has interviewed them and written this highly entertaining book. Well-illustrated and a book that rugby and sports enthusiasts will enjoy.

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