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Visual Contrast

Author: Tim Rundle

What is it that makes some visual combinations more exciting and dynamic than others? Why is it that one arrangement of the same set of objects more pleasing than another? The answer is visual contrast—the stylist’s secret tool.

ISBN: 9781849753609

Format: Hardcover
Specs: 220 x 192mm, 196pp
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small



In this exciting new book, traveler, collector, and curator Tim Rundle reveals how to use visual trickery and effects to bring out the best in what you already own. Tim defines the four key aspects of visual contrast—shape, color, placement, and personality—and shows how these seemingly abstract concepts can be used to breathe new life into familiar spaces and objects. With the help of dozens of examples and plenty of practical advice, Tim analyses successful interiors, identifies a well-designed space, shows how to make the most of what you have, and discusses the elusive art of display.

Visual Contrast offers a wealth of ingenious ideas, tips, and tricks to help you rediscover and rework your possessions and your home.

• Analyses and explains the elusive art of successful display.

• A fun and fresh approach to creating a beautiful and unique home by using the best of what you already own.

• Glorious all-new photography by Polly Wreford.

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