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The Templeton Twins Make a Scene Book 2

Author: Ellis Weiner

In the Templeton Twins make a scene book 2, the kid-perfect humour and dynamic illustrations of Book 1 of the hilarious Templeton Twins series has young readers clamouring for more. Now with Book 2 in paperback, readers will once again revel in drama, silliness and suspense

ISBN: 9781452128726

Format: Paperback
Specs: 202 x 153 mm
Publisher: Chronicle Books



In this chapter of the Templeton Twins saga, the twins (and their ridiculous dog) plot to thwart the dastardly Dean brothers in order to save their father's invention as well as their father (and the dog). Oh yes, there is sure to be another recipe. This time for guacamole. Or is it coleslaw?
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