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The French Inspired Home

Author: Carolyn Westbrook

French style is one of the most popular and enduring looks for modern interiors, and Carolyn Westbrook is a prominent lifestyle designer and prolific author of interior design books.

ISBN: 9781782493594

Format: Hardback
Specs: 254 x 216, 160 pages
Publisher: CICO Books



Author Carolyn Westbrook has had a love affair with all things French since her early childhood, and this has influenced her designs and interiors ever since.  "The French Inspired" has become her own signature style.  Whether she has used a distressed and gilded mirror that oozes elegance, or a faded and frayed rug that exudes rustic charm, all of these ideas are essentially "French" in their inspiration.  She rides herself on these classic and timeless French-inspired interiors and rather than reflecting the latest trends, she hopes they inspire longevity and a true romance with your own home.

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