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Source New Zealand It's all about our food, our people, our land

Author: Gerhard & Henrietta Egger

***Winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards Best Photographer/Publisher.*** Source New Zealand written by Gerhard & Henrietta Egger takes you on a journey around the beautiful countryside and waters of New Zealand meeting some of the people behind New Zealand's,world renowned fresh produce.

ISBN: 9780473397975

Format: Hardback
Publisher: Lasting Images



*** Winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award Best Photographer/Publisher category ***

Source New Zealand takes you on a journey around the beautiful countryside and waters of New Zealand. The interesting stories and breathtaking photography will provide many hours of enjoyment to anyone with an interest in good food.

Where do our world-renowned green-lipped mussels come from? Who are the people behind our growing varieties of lovingly crafted artisan cheeses made from milk of buffalo, sheep, goat and biodynamically farmed cows? There are truffles, olives, a wild mushroom orchard, stories about those working on our large scale free-range sheep, beef and deer farms: sustainable longline fishing off the Tutakaka coast, crayfishing off Fiordland, great tasting East Coast honey and so much more.

Tangata whenua touches on the Maori contribution to our food landscape and the current emphasis of teaching younger generations the traditions and food sources of old. The recipes in the last section provide inspirations and new ideas as well as touching on some more traditional kiwi favourites.

This is Gerhard and Henri Egger's third book.

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