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Please Demolish With a Kind Heart


Almost 5 years on from the Christchurch earthquake, much of Christchurch has been transformed. But there are places in the city - red-zoned in suburban blocks and city streets - that are still officially deemed too dangerous to occupy.

ISBN: 9780473333836

Format: Hardback
Publisher: PQ Blackwell



The rebuild is transforming Christchurch, but the red-zoned places seem to be frozen in time - the people are gone but everything they left as they fled remains there, in the same place, moved only by the thousands of aftershocks.  Intrigued by these abandoned places, photographer Glen Howey noticed that they weren't being recorded, and he felt it was important they should be.  The result is this book - a moving and at times eerie homage to Christchurch's abandoned buildings, homes, recreational spaces and iconic cathedrals.  Featuring over 200 images, with accompanying text by journalist and TV producer Tony Benny, Please Demolish With a Kind Heart is a poignant and important record of one of New Zealand's worst natural disasters.

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