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Making It On My Own

Author: Yvonne Godfrey

52 ways to smash it in the real world. A book to help young adults gain the confidence and life skills to live independently and build a successful career. New Zealand author Yvonne Godfrey. FREIGHT FREE!

ISBN: 9780473393571

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Format: Paperback
Specs: 212 x 140 mm
Publisher: Yvonne Godfrey



This super fast-paced book gives short, sharp and practical tips on financial, physical and emotional independence for 16-24 year-olds.  Yvonne Godfrey has written an easy-to-read guide containing 52 principles, strategies and ideas taught on her renowned MIOMO (Making It On My Own) programme to give transitioning teens and young adults a competitive edge for the next chapter of their lives.  Yvonne is a well-respected expert in parenting and learning.  As an entertaining and common-sense communicator, she speaks to thousands of parents, young adults and educators each year.

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