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Inspiring Tiny Homes

Author: Gill Heriz

Gill Heriz presents a collection of some of the most inspiring small homes from all over the world. Over 40 small homes - from houseboats to yurts.

ISBN: 9781782493570

Format: Hardback
Specs: 235 x 190 mm, 192 pp
Publisher: CICO Books



A small home can be relatively cheap to build or convert and give its owner choices; reflecting the way they want to live and their impact on the world. They can be stunningly beautiful and imaginative. They ask their owners to be discerning about what belongings they have what is necessity and what is beauty. The choices are individual and can be seen as part of a movement away from money and property slavery to a more simple and connected way of living.  What all the owners have in common is dedication to living well on a smaller footprint.
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