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Imperfect Home


A look that is not swayed by trends, it's rough around the edges and sees the beauty in imperfection, but is at the same time creative, modern and brave. Your home doesn't need to be perfect or pristine, and neither do the things that you fill it with.

ISBN: 9781849755504




In their latest book, Mark and Sally Bailey of destination homeware store Baileys Home & Garden in the UK turn their attention to homes that are less than perfect and more personal, and which possess their very own brand of idiosyncratic, lived-in charm. Imperfect Home embraces the beauty of peeling paint, vintage fabric, time-worn colours, handmade items and obscure treasures. It is also a place where old meets new and where modern pieces are mixed in to bring vitality, colour and contract. No large bank balance or interior design skills are necessary - just fresh ideas, a lively imagination and an experimental eye.
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