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Horse Crazy!

Author: Haas, Jessie

Everyone knows horse-crazy kids - the 12-year-old who would rather hang out at the stables than at the mall, the 8-year-old who spends every spare minute curled up with a horse book, or the teenager who is more comfortable jumping in the show ring than learning to drive a car. Horse Crazy! is a jam-packed treasure chest of a book that will keep horse-obsessed kids (ages eight and up) busy for hours on end.

ISBN: 9781603421546

Format: Paperback
Specs: 376 pages
Publisher: Storey Publishing


Book Description

Nearly 400 pages of equine information are divided into three broad sections: In the Saddle (and the Stall and the Show Ring), In the Spotlight: Horses in the Arts, and In the Know: All About Horses. "In the Saddle" offers practical information on working with horses, with all the details and fine points of horse handling that fact-obsessed kids crave. How do Western-style riders hold the reins? Is a helmet always necessary? What makes a rider successful in the show ring? The answers are all here, along with coverage of model horse shows, a look at the world of Thoroughbred racing, tips on how to choose a horse camp, information on career possibilities in the horse world, and much more."In the Spotlight" sets free the creative impulses of the young horse enthusiast. Kids may want to write horse stories, take a drawing pad and pencil to the stable, or wander around with a camera. Tips and friendly advice give young artists the confidence to get started. "In the Know" teaches kids about equine anatomy and history, horse adoption options, and what horses can safely eat.Every section of Horse Crazy! is filled with fun sidebars, breed IDs, crafts to make for friends (equine and human!), amusing facts and bits of lore, horse word roots, movies to see, books to read, and activities to share with horses. There is never a dull moment in the life of a horse-obsessed kid!
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