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Kiwi-As Toilets

Author: Jo Knox

These toilets are places you will want to go to in New Zealand when you don't even need to go!

ISBN: 9780473449476

Format: Paperback
Specs: 210 x 148 mm, 160 pages
Publisher: Jo Knox



Kiwi-As Toilets is a quirky and light-hearted coffee table book and travel guide that takes the reader on a tiki tour of New Zealand's top toilets.  This compilation of convenient convenience stops is full of facts and photos of fancy flushers, interspersed with splashes of toilet humour and toilet euphemisms.  From toilets that celebrate their region's heritage and scenery or showcase art and architecture, to wonderfully weird WCs and fun facilities, this eclectic collection of toilets celebrates everything that's Kiwi-as.

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