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Iconoclast's Guide to Music

Author: Steve Jelbert

Bored of your music tastes being belittled by your music-snob friends? Well read on...

ISBN: 9781909313026

Format: Hardcover
Specs: 186 x 123mm, 128pp
Publisher: Dog 'n' Bone



Bored of your music tastes being belittled by your music-snob friends? Well read on... For this type of person the constant desire to assert musical superiority over everyone they encounter is an all-consuming labour of love, but for the rest of us it’s just plain irritating! The Iconoclast’s Guide to Music takes a flippant look at these music fans and attempts to explain what it is that makes them the way they are. There are 50 entries – such as the eternal obsession with heavy metal, the enduring relationship between musicians and drugs, the belief that vinyl is the only format worth listening to, and the opinion that obscure equals better – with each one designed to explain what makes a music fan tick. So if you’ve ever wondered what your friend or family member sees in wasting hours with their head stuck in a laptop reading about obscure bands from Rejkjavik, spending the budget of a small country on rare imported albums, or travelling miles to see terrible bands in the pouring rain at festivals, then these words will hopefully shed some light on the situation. • The ideal gift for the music snob in your life. • Covers a host of different types of music geek, from the jazz bore to the classical music snob, the vinyl lover to the technologically obsessed gear head. • Complete with hilarious cartoon illustrations by Lord Dunsby.
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