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How to be a Cat
Old Farts: a Spotter's Guide
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Old Farts: a Spotter's Guide

Author: Amos Tinker

The newest book in the wildly popular Spotter's Guide more than half a million copies sold in the series!

ISBN: 9781452158266

Format: Hardback sound book
Specs: 203 x 165 mm, 22 pp
Publisher: Chronicle Books



The distinct field marks of flatulence in the latter years of life are chronicled here. From "The Crank" (the fart that chases pesky kids - and everyone else - off the lawn) through "The ReAnimator: (the sudden eruption of post-holiday meal flatulence that brings Great Aunt Gladys back from the brink?. Each spread is devoted to a singular fart profile and includes helpful information such as age of onset, key characteristics for identification, and prominent sub-types. Detailed "in situ" illustrations and 10 distinct push-button sounds complete this indispensable reference to farting happily and healthfully into the autumn years of life.

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