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It's a Girl! The First Years Record Book


Numerous thematic sections for collecting all the memories from each stage of a baby s life. Spaces for jotting down notes, memories, and special moments, 4 convenient pockets for storing CDs and DVDs of photos and videos Tender and colourful illustrations with childhood themes.

ISBN: 9788854406643

Format: Hardback spiral bound
Specs: 252 x 246mm, 96 pages
Publisher: White Star



The expectation in awaiting delivery, the first days in the hospital and arrival home, the favourite stuffed toy and lullaby, the first tooth, the first steps. Photos with family members, the ritual of the baby food, vacations, the baby s bath, birthdays ... for someone who has just had a baby girl, there are so many memories and emotions to relive and re-evoke at a later date: all precious. So what better tool than a book of memories for saving and retracing the first big steps in life of one s own baby? Designed in two versions male and female this volume presents a cheerful, pleasant, and amusing graphic layout, expressly made by an illustrator who specializes in infancy themes. An album easy to browse through with its spiral binding, and easy to consult with its thematic sections, where you can gather data, thoughts, and emotions, and also keep greeting cards, photographs, and CDs in specially designed pockets and spaces. A book to keep with you and to fill in, following step-by-step for the first three years of baby s life. And to browse through together with her years later.

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