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Letters to My Dad

Author: Lee Redmond

This book of twelve letters is the perfect book to fill out and show Dad how much he really means to you. Fill out and post date, seal. Use it like a time capsule to give to Dad whenever you you think the moment is just right. 12 fold and mail style envelopes bound together, full colour sticker sheet

ISBN: 9781452149226

Format: Hardback
Specs: 180 x 90
Publisher: Chronicle Books



This book of twelve letters, (ten prompted, two blank) makes it easy for all ages from tween to adult - to show Dad how much they care. Once filled out, sealed and postdated, the letters become handwritten time capsules to give to Dad for Father's Day, milestone or birthday. When he breaks open the seals in the future, he will find a priceless keepsake written by you. This is book is part of a Letters to My series.

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