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Author: Michelle Slatalla

The definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces by the editors of the Gardenista website. 400 Pages of Garden Design to salivate over.

ISBN: 9781579656522

Format: Hardback
Specs: 260 x 191 mm, 400 pages, 400 colour photographs
Publisher: Artisan



Our homes' outdoor spaces should be as welcoming and carefully considered as our living rooms. This is the guiding principle behind (sister site to, an online sourcebook that has quickly become the go-to, undisputed authority for gardeners and exterior design enthusiasts.

Gardenista is 400 pages. A chock-full tome full of advice on every aspect of outdoor design, from hardscaping to landscaping, choosing the right plants for your climate, and sourcing outdoor light fixtures. Equal parts inspiration and expert intel, Gardenista is both a perfect starting point and an all-in-one manual when questions arise.

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