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Wabi-Sabi Welcome

Author: Julie Pointer Adams

Discover the pleasures of simple, artful get-togethers. Learn to embrace the imperfect and entertain with thoughtfulness and ease. A stunning visual guide to entertaining without the fuss.

ISBN: 9781579656997

Format: Hardback
Specs: 248 x 191 mm, 224 pages
Publisher: Artisan



The Japanese ideology of wabi-sabi teaches us to embrace the imperfect, to live simply and humbly, and to cultivate a mindful and ever-present approach to our daily lives and interactions with others.  Julie Pointer Adams invites readers into artful, easygoing homes around the world, and teaches us how to apply their wabi-sabi approach to home decor and entertaining to our own gatherings, creating an authentic, casual and intimate environment that's a welcome reprieve for guests and hosts alike.

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