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Perfect English Townhouse

Author: Ros Byam Shaw

Continuing her exploration of English interiors, Ros Byam Shaw visits 14 distinctive townhouses full of charm, character and style.

ISBN: 9781849759243

Format: Hardback
Specs: 292 x 244 mm, 192 pages
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small



There are ideas for room design in this book that go beyond the remit of townhouses, in fact there are townhouses that go beyond the traditional idea of that house. The Frome house of Jack Brister and Richard Mawes has the rough textured walls and low-ish celings that might be more readily associated with a country cottage. Whereas Charlenee Mullen’s south London house dates from the late 1960s but has some of the spacial keys that might reference a more traditional (for which read Georgian) townhouse.

There’s not a dud house in this book, all beautifully photographed by Jan Baldwin with pitch perfect text by Ros Byam Shaw.

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